Welcome to Sølvane Opera Farm!

Sølvane Opera Farm is a unique country estate situated in the beautiful Kandal Village at the west coast of Norway.

The farm is rebuilded as a culture venue and the barn is amazingly refurbished with rococo, gold ornaments and old wooden furnitures.

In the summer, artists from all over Scandinavia visit the farm and there are concerts, dinner events and wine tastings on the weekends.

We can accommodate about 50 guests in the high season, and 30 in the low season.

We sell meat products from our own production and we have an unique skin and fur collecton with over 200 skins for sale.

The farm consist of:

The big red concertbarn for 250 guests

The white main villa where the family lives

The blue house, with accommodation for 8 guests

The suites and delux rooms at "Kandal Klyngetun", for accommodation for 12 guests in state of the art hotel rooms

The unique restaurant at Kandal Klyngetun, dining for 24 guests

The summerfarm in the mountains, with accommodation for 10 guests in old Norwegian mountain cabins

Other cabins and houses for rent in the village, with accommodation for about 10-20 guests

Book at https://www.airbnb.no/users/19611817/listings or mail us:



What to do in Kandal:

A visit to Sølvane Opera Farm is a experience for life!

Stay here at least a couple of nights to explore the area, meet the locals or attend an event at the concert barn.

There is a lot to see and do in Kandal. Visit the local meat

producers “Kandal Kjøt” and “Sølvane Farm” and buy fresh meat and products from the farms.

Taste fresh goat cheese at the dairy “Kandal Ysteri” and see how Norwegian brown chees is made,

If you are interested in art, remember to visit “Solveig Thingnes Kandal Art Gallery”.

In Ytre Kandal you can visit Ester Løvland and her Norwegian National Costume workshop and outlet.

At Copakandala you can have a BBQ or rent the place for a beach day,

The restaurant at “Kandal Klyngetun” is open only by appointment or at open dinner nights. Dates is annonced on Facebook

The concert hall is at Sølvane Gard with dinners, events and

concerts all summer.

See all events here

Welcome to the magic in Kandal

The hosts at Sølvane Opera farm:

Eivind the opera tenor and Torstein the daily manager

Eivind Kandal
Torstein Kollevåg

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